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Who are AgencyBox?

AgencyBox comprises a team of experienced recruitment specialists – the same experts behind established recruitment agency comparison site comparerecruit.com.

Our backgrounds mean that we know the recruitment game first hand, bringing in-depth understanding of the day-to-day and strategic challenges you face. We also know that each organisation’s needs are unique, so our consultants configure the software to your business processes.

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Who is AgencyBox software for?

AgencyBox is an innovative new software solution suitable for larger organisations with significant annual recruitment agency spend of anywhere from £50,000 – £5,000,000.

We are currently offering highly favourable licensing terms for new clients agreeing to act as business reference sites for our sales prospects.

What are the minimum IT requirements for using AgencyBox?

Other than a working internet connection, AgencyBox has no special IT requirements.

AgencyBox is a cloud based ‘software as a service’ (SaaS) solution. As such, the application is hosted on our secure servers – you simply sign-in using your internet connection – wherever you are, using a desktop, laptop, notebook, tablet or mobile device.

You can reassure your IT colleagues that signing-up to AgencyBox will not place any further IT cost or management burdens on them. As a SaaS solution, the AgencyBox team looks after software upgrades, uptime and security.

How is AgencyBox software tailored to my business?

We do this for you. As part of our consultative approach, our specialists meet with you to fully understand your operation and organise the bespoke setup of the software. Then we create the right structure and codes for your PSL recruitment agencies, job roles, and numerous other facets of your recruitment process unique to your business.

How do I pay for AgencyBox?

AgencyBox is an easily affordable subscription based service. Your business pays an initial consultancy, setup and training fee, followed by a monthly subscription fee agreed in advance, based on a variety of usage criteria.

You can significantly subsidise your use of AgencyBox by adopting our recommended PSL subscription plan. Under this optional plan, your trusted PSL recruitment agencies pay a nominal monthly contribution for their inclusion on the system. This demonstrates their commitment to you as a client, and incentivises them to work harder for you. We organise and collect these subscriptions to save you time.

How much will I save using AgencyBox?

AgencyBox will deliver significant financial, service and productivity performance improvements for organisations with an annual recruitment agency spend of £50,000 – £5,000,000. Larger organisations can typically save £10,000s per annum.

Use our calculator tool on our homepage for a quick estimate of the savings you could achieve. Then get in touch to arrange a meeting where we’ll create a more detailed financial assessment, based on your specific needs.

I already have an applicant tracking system (ATS). Why would I need AgencyBox?

AgencyBox is a specific, standalone solution that performs a completely different – but complementary – role to ATSs.

Uniquely, AgencyBox is built from the ground up to help you significantly reduce recruitment agency spend, win back control and save time. Tailored to your organisation’s needs and easy to use, it transforms your agency management process and results.

Created by the expert recruitment team behind Comparerecruit.com, AgencyBox brings a host of cost and performance benefits. Unique functionality helps you negotiate lower fees, reduce contractual risks, and enhance agency service levels. Meanwhile, your team cuts a swathe through the time currently spent managing your agency PSL.

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