Map Pack vs. Snack Pack: Which One and Why?

Google Snack Pack Crisis

Shopping for SEO? It’s hard to figure out which agency is the best fit for you.

Good thing we’re here to help with exactly that, then. Let’s break it down.

The Google Snack Pack Crisis

First, let’s just say there’s nothing wrong with the Snack Pack. It’s designed to get a business on the first 3 search results of Google Maps, and it does exactly that.

It can and does get eyeballs on your business. The main problem with this is that with spots getting more competitive and new businesses popping up every day… there will be a bidding war for the first 3 spots.

Costs for the Snack Pack could skyrocket in ways that most businesses won’t be able to justify, and that puts the businesses with the biggest budgets in a prime position to win. And during a time when non-corporations and non-franchise businesses need all the help they can get, they need an option that isn’t about burning their marketing budget.

Enter the AgencyBox Map Pack

The AgencyBox Map Pack isn’t just designed to get a business onto the first 3 listings of Google Maps. It’s designed to get it on the highly-coveted #1 spot.

That’s the kind of ranking that makes sure your business is on top of everybody’s minds. And the best part? No bidding war.

With AgencyBox’s proprietary system of dominating SERPs, the pricing remains competitive, and your business gets incredible results without the hassle of the bidding war against a big corporation or a massive franchise.

So if you’re the kind of corporation looking for local SEO help and you have a budget that can feed a small army… snack pack can sure help you.

But if you’re not trying to burn your entire marketing budget on a bidding war, then the AgencyBox Map Pack is your ideal SEO solution.

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